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Z31 Driveshaft Information

The 1984 to 1989 300zx cars came with six different driveshaft configurations depending on body, transmission, and engine. The reason for the differences is each Transmission has their own unique slip-yoke on the driveshaft, and length of the drive shaft will vary per the body configuration.

Here is a list of the different Driveshafts used:

  • Automatic 2 seater
  • NA manual 2 seater
  • Early Turbo manual (T5)
  • Late 87+ turbo manual (90A)
  • Automatic, 2+2
  • NA Manual, 2+2

Manual Driveshaft Information

The universal joints are not the same size on the N/A vs Turbo driveshafts. The Turbo U- Joints are larger so you cannot simply swap yokes or differential flanges on the driveshaft.

There also are two different differential flanges:

  • Early style (rectangle) Part Number 38210-Y0800
  • Late all 87+ (round/square bolt pattern) Part Number 38210-10V00
You can swap the differential companion flange on the differential relatively easily with a steering wheel puller. Be sure to re-torque the pinion nut to 137-144 Ft Lbs after swapping the flange.

  • Length of slip yokes: 4.125
  • Diameter of slip yokes:
    • FS5R30A - 1.625
    • FS5R90A - 1.5
    • FS6W71C - 1.375

Automatic Driveshaft Information

Automatic information will be provided shortly As AZ-ZBUM will be removing his automatic transmission in his convertible.

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