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5/2/07 1989 300zx FSM now Available. See Reference Section

12/01/07 XenonZ31 Fiche is here!

11/06/07 The New XenonZ31 is Here

09/12/07 Added: VLSD Installation and Creating Hybrid Halfshafts

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Inside Door Handle Repair

Ok, you go to get out of your Z and you pull the handle and hear a SNAP! Now you are stuck in your car and the handle won’t do anything. This can be an easy fix, what just happened is one of two things. First it can be the clips that are at the end of the door lock and door latch rods. These can be found at your local auto parts store for a few bucks.  More than likely though, it can be the door handle itself. The part that pulls the rod sometimes breaks and stops moving in the handle. Some times you can salvage the handle by taking it apart and fixing the springs and applying some lithium grease to the plastic parts. If any of the parts are broken inside you will be out of luck and will need a new inside door handle.

Sources Used on This Page: 1984-1988 Nissan 300ZX Factory Service Manual