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Swaybar Reconditioning

A very simple and effective method for restoring your 300ZX's handling is to recondition the anti-roll system. As with most everything else made of rubber on the car, the 20 year old swaybar bushings are most likely dried up and cracked. I chose to replace mine using Energy Suspension's bushings.

I removed both bars and refinished them at the same time (to keep motivation up). Each bar was cleaned using Castrol's Super Degreaser (purple jug) and stripped, using Klean-Strip's Paint Stripper. If your bars are covered with undercoating, you should have good luck with mineral spirits and steel wool. After stripping, both bars were refinished using a high-grade silver wheel paint (hopefully, this will duplicate the durability of the original powder coating).

    Front Bar

  • This is the front bar, as refinished. I really like the looks of the silver.

  • After refinishing the bars, I purchased polyurethane bushings for both the front and rear bars as well as new endlink hardware. The swaybar bushings are Energy Suspension's 22 mm bushings, part number 9.5158RC . The end link bushings are Energy Suspension's part number 9.8105RC. I spent about $28.00 for all the bushings; very nice quality.

  • For endlink hardware, grade 8 bolts and chrome sleeves (to replace the stock bolts and spacers) were used. The original hardware was used to gauge length for the bolts and thickness for the spacers.

  • After everything is clean and new hardware is ready, the bar is simply bolted back into position. The swaybar to chassis mounts were thicker than the original mounts and required some finesse to line up.

    Rear Bar
  • For the rear bar, the approach is the same. I was surprised at the size of the OE Nissan endlinks; they only measure in at 1/4". I used Energy Suspension's bushings, part number 9.8105RC, for the endlinks and bought grade 8, 3/8" x 6" bolts to upgrade the Nissan hardware. I could not locate the appropriate 19 mm swaybar bushings, locally, so for the time, I reused the stock center bushings (as they were still in appropriate condition).
  • The ES endlink bushings are thicker than the stock Nissan bushings. You will have to account for the installed height. To do this, cut the stock spacers down to a height of 2.5".
  • This is the rear swaybar as installed. Notice the much more substantial endlinks. Other than replacement of the endlink bushings and hardware, no other modification was required to upgrade

One final note regarding installation of both bars. It is often difficult to get the endlink bushings compressed adequately enough to start the nut on the endlink. I have found that a floor jack, placed under the swaybar, just before the endlink, does an exceptional job of moving and holding things in place while you start the nut. As always, be careful when working under the vehicle.

Sources Used on This Page: Writen by: Redare, 1984-1988 Nissan Factory Service Manual