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W-series Engine Information

In late 1987, Nissan changed the design of the VG30 engine, slightly, to provide a decrease in noise levels and an increase in power output. There is a lot of confusion as to what changes were actually made. This is a comprehensive listing of changes that were made to the VG30 engine.

Changes to the VG30 Engine (to create the W-series engine):

The major engine components that have been changed to create the "W" engine are shown below, and on the following pages. In addition, a summary of changes is provided for each component.

Identfing a W-series motor The MODIFIED AND NON-MODIFIED engines can be identified by the engine serial number as follows:


Click for W-series Component Interchangeability Information

Sources Used on This Page: 1988 Nissan 300ZX Factory Service Manual, Nissan Technical Service Bulletin Number TS87-191 Date: December 28, 1987