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Clear Front Signal Lenses 84-86

Clearing your Front turn signal lenses is another modification that can be done very inexpensively. Here is a How-to on what needs to be done.

Parts Needed

  • 1988-1997 Nissan Hardbody Clear lenses ( can be found on E-bay for about $20)
  • Your old 300ZX housing
  • 2 1157A Bulbs ( These are amber versions of what the 300zx has)


  1. Take out the two screws holding the 300zx Lenses in.

  2. Replace the clear 1157 bulbs with the 1157A amber Bulbs to stay Legal
  3. Take the Clear lenses from the hardbody lamp and install onto the 300ZX housing and you are done.

Sources Used on This Page: Written By XenonXIII