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10/01/07 XenonZ31 Fiche is coming soon. Click for a sample.

09/12/07 Added: VLSD Installation and Creating Hybrid Halfshafts

09/11/07 Added: Guide to reading your sparkplugs

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If you have a Z-related event you think should be posted here, contact the site administrator.

Z31 Salvage

If you're needing something for your Z31 and are seeking an alternative to the high prices of new parts, chances are you're considering hitting up the junkyards for something you need. There are some yards that specialize in the Z car, and other hot spots that you may luck out and find what you need. As always, exercise due diligence and use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  • Car Part Search used car parts at junkyards locally or nationally.
  • eBay Motors Auctions for car parts of all kinds.
  • Z Barn East Tennesssee-based Z car junkyard.