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Replacing T-Top Seals

Is your T-top body seals starting to shrink and let water in your Z? If so here is how you safely remove and replace them.

Tools Needed

  • #2 Phillips screw driver
  • Flat Head screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 3M or Permatex Weather Strip Adhesive


  1. First remove your T-tops
  2. Remove the A pillar trim. This will just pop off with clips.
  3. Now remove the rubber trim that covers the edge of the headliner. To do this, Remove the screw holding the Coat hook

    Now remove the screw holding the front part of the trim at the A pillar.
  4. Once this is removed you can start to remove the push pin fasteners at the bottom of the weather strip. There are three per end.

    On the front side by the door hinge, two of the push pins are hidden.

    Here is the non hidden push pin fastener

    Lift the flap in the weather strip and remove the hidden pish pins.
  5. Now you can gently start to pull the weather stripping up the channel till you get to the corner where the strip turns to the body / t-top. There are screws here that hold it to the body.

    Front two screws

    Rear bottom two screws

    Hidden Rear screw under weather strip
  6. Now carefully pull the weather strip as you pick at the adhesive to release the weather strip from the body.
  7. Once this is done the Weather strip should just pull off the drip edge.


Installation is reverse of removal other than Cleaning the old adhesive and adding new in the same areas.