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11/26/07 XenonZ31 Fiche is here!

09/12/07 Added: VLSD Installation and Creating Hybrid Halfshafts

09/11/07 Added: Guide to reading your sparkplugs

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Z31 Vendor List

300-plus Performance Offers rebuilt VG33 and VG34 short blocks converted for use in a Z31.
AMZ Performance Now stocking many hard-to-find and custom parts for the Z31
Black Dragon Another great place to buy OEM-style Z parts for less.
Certified Muffler.com Order the exact exhaust system you want, with mufflers, pipe size and the tips you desire
Clearcorners.com Another maker of clear lighting lenses
Colt Cams Regrinds Z31 cams to any specification. They also have 4 different spec regrinds. High Quallity
Courtesy Nissan Parts A cheap place to buy genuine Nissan parts
Customcarcovers.com Keep harmful UV rays, dust and moisture off of your cars paint with a fitted car cover.
East Coast T-Top & Sunroof Offers T-top seal replacements for about half price of what others charge
  • Main on body T-Top weatherstrip $130
  • T-Top panel weatherstrip above door glass $74.25
Please call 215-547-5956 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Time with any questions or to place your order. (Bristol, PA)
Gary Molitor 1984 - 89 300ZX (Z31) polyurethane rear spring seats ( Now being sold at z31parts.com )
Illstreet.com Sellers of carbon fiber hoods (87-89) and hatches (84-89)
klearz.com Makers of clear lighting lenses
levelten.com Sells upgrade kits for automatic transmissions
Lo-Tek Custom made A-Pillar gauge pods
MGP Auto Parts A Company that offers Gutted Intake Plenums and RB Conversion Parts for the Z31
MotorSport Auto One of the most complete Z-car parts suppliers around (Beware occasional high prices!)
OEM Surplus OEM Nissan parts at Givaway Prices
Redline Goods Quality leather shift boots, e-brake boots, and console covers
South London Nissan and Infinity Hard to locate parts can be found here.
Schneider Racing Cams Regrinds Z31 cams to any specification. They also have 6 standard spec regrinds. Lower Quallity than Colt Cams
Z31parts.com Carries high-performance parts for the Z31